Engineering Division


Title V

Air Toxics

Current Rules And Regulations

Rule 250 Ag Engine Registration


Kerby Zozula, Manager (805) 645-1421

Permit Processing

John Harader, AQ Engineer (805) 645-1481

Laura Kranzler, PP Specialist (805) 645-1404


Air Toxics and Permit Renewal

Patty Riddle, PP Specialist (805) 645-1438

Arleen Ruiz, Office Assistant, (805) 645-1433


Engineering has always been an important part of air pollution control from designing devices to take the smoke out of smokestacks to determining the complex atmospheric reactions that result in photochemical smog. The name of the Engineering Division is a reflection of those roots.


  • The Engineering Division has two primary responsibilities:
  • Through our permitting programs, we assist facilities in Ventura County that emit air pollutants to use the best methods to reduce their pollution. We also help them to understand the local, state and federal air pollution control requirements that apply to them.
  • In our air toxics program, we strive to better understand what toxic air pollutants are being emitted in Ventura County, what facilities are emitting air toxics, and what potential health risk problems are being created by those emissions.


The Engineering Division is able to offer one-on-one assistance to businesses in Ventura County in understanding the requirements of these programs and what they need to do to make their facilities comply.


For more detail on our permitting programs, click on Permits or Title V. For more detail on the air toxics program, click on Air Toxics. You can contact us at by email at or by phone at (805) 645-1401.