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Air Pollution Control District

The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District's (APCD) mission is to protect public health and welfare from the adverse effects of air pollution by identifying air pollution problems and developing comprehensive programs to achieve and maintain State and federal clean air standards.

Meeting clean air standards requires effort from all participants in the community, especially businesses.

APCD's air pollution permit system is one way APCD and businesses can work together to clean our air and protect public health and welfare. APCD air pollution permits help to ensure that equipment and processes that emit air pollutants comply with all applicable air pollution regulations.

Helpful Hint: Projects that require discretionary land use permits from the County of Ventura may also need APCD permits before they operate. To avoid project delays, applicants should contact the APCD Engineering Division EARLY in the County of Ventura’s discretionary permit process to determine if APCD permits are required.

Additionally, State law requires applicants for non-residential building permits or Certificates of Occupancy to inform the APCD about new or modified sources of air pollution in order to determine if they also need APCD permits. To comply with this requirement, please complete APCD’s AB3205 questionnaire and submit it to the APCD. Residential projects do not need air pollution permits.

You can learn more about APCD permits in the FAQs and in the Brochure page. You can also contact the APCD Engineering Division by calling (805) 645-1401, or visit the APCD website by clicking on the Department Home link at the top of the page.