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Guidelines / Standards

Ventura County Air Quality Assessment Guidelines (Guidelines)

The Guidelines provide lead agencies, consultants, and project applicants in Ventura County with a framework and uniform procedures for preparing air quality evaluations required by the California Environment Quality Act. They are not used for APCD air pollution permits. The Guidelines are available under the AQ Assessment section on the APCD’s website.

Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Rules and Regulations

The Ventura County APCD Rules and Regulations were adopted to improve air quality and protect the health and welfare of Ventura County residents. Each regulation is broken into individual rules. Many of the rules relate to specific types of operations or sources of pollution. They also contain a statement of conditions in which they apply, definitions of terms, requirements, and allowances or exemptions. There are also numerous administrative rules. The APCD Rules and Regulations are available by clicking here.

Helpful Hint: Air pollution laws periodically change. It is your responsibility to keep informed about rules that affect your facility or operation. Information regarding changes to regulations can be found on the Rule Development page of the APCD's website. The APCD also has a subscription service for those who wish to receive periodic notices of rule changes and publications. An order form for the publications and notices is available by clicking here.