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Nancy Mendoza at (805) 303-4013 or Ali Ghasemi (805) 303-4016


The Public Information Division provides air quality information to over 844,000 Ventura County residents. It does this through a variety of both traditional and innovative public information techniques including:


  • outreach events
  • speaker's bureau
  • educational programs
  • publications & materials


Enter the Air Zone

  • The District is launching its new Enter the Air Zone campaign at several venues around Ventura County, including the County Government Center. The campaign was created to give County residents a new understanding of the importance of clean air and to also give them some innovative and exciting ways in which they can choose to live a “clean air” lifestyle. Some of the topics include:
  • ▪ How to have an eco-garden
  • ▪ Locations of local farmer’s markets
  • ▪ Greening babies & kids (not literally of course)
  • The District has created a traveling banner display and publication rack where residents can take a copy of The Air Zone. It’s a great way for us to get out and about in the Ventura County community with our clean air message. If you would like to host the display at your business or organization, contact the public information manager.

Air - the search for one clean breath

    Air: The search for one clean breath is a large-screen format film originally funded by a United States Environmental Protection Agency and produced by the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District and the communications firm, Media 360.


    New, for 2010, an Educator's Guide to the film, available on the film's website.


Outreach events

    A crowd lines up to spin the Clean Air Wheel at the District booth during the Oxnard Earth Day Celebration on
    April 5, 2014.

    There's always time for clean air! We attend many events in Ventura County each year to talk with the public about air quality and what individuals can do to help clean our air. We have large or portable colorful graphic displays to educate the public about air quality.


    We distribute lots of air quality "stuff" at these events. If you have a special event that you would like us to participate in, give Nancy a call at (805) 303-4013.

Clean Air Excellence Awards

    Since 2000, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has given awards to individuals and organizations that have undertaken the risks of innovation, served as pioneers in their fields, and improved the air in the process. The Clean Air Excellence Awards Program was established at the recommendation of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, a senior-level policy committee that advises the EPA on implementation of the Clean Air Act.


    The VCAPCD Public Information Division has been honored to receive this award three times, and it the only recipient that has done so in the Education/Outreach Category. The category recognizes programs that disseminate information and/or educational materials on air quality and activities that promote clean air.


    2008 – Air – the search for one clean breath

    At a ceremony in May 2009 in Washington DC, the District received its third Clean Air Excellence Award for the high-definition international film, Air – the search for one clean breath. For more information about the film, its new Educator’s Guide, and a schedule of screenings, visit


    2003 – Public Awareness Health & Air Pollution Campaign

    At a ceremony in March 2004 in Washington D.C., the District received its second award for a health campaign. The APCD partnered with local doctors, using their images and words to promote one main message: air pollution is harmful to health and individuals can make choices to benefit


    2000 – Air World

    At the first awards ceremony in September 2000 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the VCAPCD received the Clean Air Excellence Award for the Air World CD-ROM. Created for kiosk application, copies of the CD were distributed nationally. The touch-screen application used video-clips, photos, graphics, and other exciting visuals to take users to different countries to explore various air quality problems and what is being locally and internationally to help air quality.


Speaker's Bureau

    Speaker's Bureau - Coming to you with a clean air message


    Need a guest speaker for your business, service organization, or community group meeting? Our Speakers Bureau is one of the District’s many public outreach efforts designed to keep you informed about air quality in Ventura County. Speakers are generally available during regular business hours, although evening or weekend presentations may be accommodated.


    For information, or to request a speaker, call (805) 303-4013.