Agricultural Burning

For Agricultural Burning Information: (805) 303-3889
For Agricultural Burn Status: (805) 303-3888


Burn days are a reality of life in an agricultural community. Ventura County is no exception. Authorized by state legislation, the APCD must allow, but may regulate, agricultural burn days. Our goal is to pick appropriate days for burning to avoid public health problems by taking into account current air quality conditions. In our effort to regulate agricultural burning and protect public health we try to pick days and time periods that will maximize smoke dispersion. We even restrict the amount of agricultural material that can be burned. Prior to designating a burn day and time period the APCD coordinates our efforts with the Ventura County Fire and the California Air Resources Board. The Agricultural Burning Forecast for all six county areas is updated at 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily. A map of the County’s six burn regions can be found on the Agricultural Burning Forecast page.


Agricultural burning is not permitted on Sundays, Holidays, or Holiday weekends. Ventura County Fire issues the agricultural burn permits; each Ventura County Fire Station issues the permits for their area. Ventura County Fire checks the burn piles for fire safety and is the APCD’s liaison for compliance to APCD Rule 56, Open Burning. Agricultural burning can only be performed by agricultural operations.


If you have questions about agricultural burning call us at (805) 303-3889.


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