2008 Clean Air Excellence Award


On May 13, at a ceremony in Washington DC, the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District’s Public Information Division was honored by receiving the prestigious 2008 United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Excellence Award. The film, Air – the search for one clean breath, won in the Education/Outreach category. There were over 150 entries in six categories. District public information manager and executive producer and co-writer of the film, Barbara L. Page, accepted the award. The film was shown attendees prior to the awards ceremony. The APCD is the only recipient to receive the award in this category three times. Previous awards for District programs were in 2000, the first year of the awards program, and again in 2004. According to EPA’s Air division director for the Pacific Southwest, Deborah Jordan, “Congratulations to the Clean Air Excellence Award winners – their innovative policies, cutting edge projects and future-thinking products further launch our nation’s commitment to cleaner, healthier air.”

California Congresswoman Lois Capps, 23rd District,met with Ms. Page in Washington DC to congratulate the District on receiving the award. She comments in a news release from her office, “I am so proud of the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District and Barbara Page. This film is an important tool that can be used in our community and across the country to better inform the public about the need for clean air and the importance of fighting pollution.


The Clean Air Excellence Awards program was established in 2000

at the recommendation of the Clean Air Act Advisory Commitee (CAAAC), a senior-level policy committee that advises the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency on implementation of the Clean Air Act. The program recognizes both individuals and organizations that have undertaken the risks of innovation, served as pioneers in

Congresswoman Lois Capps congratulates Barbara L. Page on the District's receiving the Clean Air Excellence Award, May 14, 2009, US Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

their fields, and improved the environment in the process. The Awards Program, now in its ninth year, annually recognizes and honors both individuals and organizations what have undertaken the risks of innovation, served as pioneers in their fields, and have improved air quality. Each award recipient has either directly or indirectly reduced emissions of criteria pollutants or hazardous/toxic air pollutants. The programs are innovative, replicable, and sustainable; their efforts have helped to make progress in achieving cleaner air.


2008/09 Mercury Communications Gold Award of Excellence


  The Air Pollution Control District’s Public Information Division 

  was honored on February 27 by receiving the 2009 22nd Annual

  Mercury Communications Gold Award of Excellence for its film,

  Air – the search for one clean breath. According to the film’s

  executive producer, Barbara L. Page, “With over 980 entries

  from 20 countries, it is an honor to be recognized among so

  many talented professionals.” This 1st place award is especially distinctive since the film has been shown nationally and internationally. Other category winners include Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (Silver), U.S. Army (Bronze), and The National Institute on Drug Abuse (Honors). Reni Witt, President and Founder of the MERCURY Awards stated, "The honor of the MERCURY award is a wonderful credit - a distinction to be very proud of. To be selected by some of the world's best communications specialists as the top work in public relations is a real honor, especially considering the hundreds of other fine agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations eligible for the awards." MerComm, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the principal purpose of advancing communications in an international arena. The District won a Bronze Award last year for its Clean Air Today Global Climate Change edition.