Our new film, AIR – THE SEARCH FOR ONE CLEAN BREATH asks a vital question: How has air evolved and what does it mean for our human experience? Starting with a baby’s first breath, the film goes back in time to let viewers visually experience air and its evolution. Our movie traces the history of air. It’s really a biography of air that explores what countries, new technologies, and communities are contributing toward cleaner air.

Many historical re-creations were required for the film. This one took place at Belle Marie Winery in Escondido, California.

According to our film’s director, Sandra Holden, “Air is invisible, so to make a movie what do you film? That in short was the challenge, but working on the script, we were able to make air a real character - - something that not only exists but is continually changing and evolving. Throughout time and all over the earth, this film poses the questions most of us have about air . . .What is it? How did it get dirty? Can it ever be clean? Answering these questions in a visually compelling manner is what this film is about. So it’s not a lecture - - it’s a real movie with a real hero - - air.” Public information manager Barbara L. Page, who co-wrote the screenplay and served as executive producer on the film adds, “We wanted to present air in a way that had never been done before! We wanted to tell the story of a misunderstood, brooding and ever-evolving character. And I believe we tell the story in an engaging way.”

The film is an exciting blend of spectacular scenery, dynamic animated sequences, and historical re-creations. It provides viewers with the story of air – its personality, lifestyle changes, and struggle for identity and endurance. To film this story, the crew traveled to Iceland, England, Utah, Harvard University, and many other locations. They interviewed an ice core researcher about global climate change; a Harvard professor about the health effects of air pollution; and a Southern California grassroots organizer about clean air actions. One thing all had in common was a commitment to helping inform everyone about air quality and actions we can take to provide cleaner air for everyone, no matter where they live.